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Important Notice

Candidates taking ADCRG/TCRG/TMRF Examinations prior to September 1st 2015, the 2003 edition of Ár Rince Fóirne is the official text for examinations.

Candidates taking ADCRG/TCRG/TMRF Examinations from September 1st 2015, the 2014 edition of Ár Rince Céilí is the official text for examinations.


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Future exams will be listed here once confirmed by the Examinations Authority.
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ADCRG/TCRG/TMRF Examinations have been confirmed for the 28th-31st January 2016 in London. Venue details will be confirmed shortly. Closing date for applications September 30th 2015. For further information regarding availability and registration please email
ADCRG/TCRG/TMRF examinations have been confirmed for the 17th-20th September 2015 in the Arizona Grand Hotel, Phoenix, AZ. Room Rate $129 per night. Please note that ADCRG/TCRG/TMRF Examinations are now FULL. Further examination dates and locations will be posted in this section as soon as they are confirmed.
ADCRG/TCRG/TMRF Examinations have been confirmed for the 3rd-5th July 2015 in Gauteng, South Africa. Venue: Norscot Manor Recreation Centre, Penguin Drive, Fourways, Johannesburg. Hotel: City Lodge Hotel, Four Ways. For further information regarding availability and registration please email
Additional Information:

The below motions, carried over from AGM 2012, were agreed.

That each ADCRG candidate must provide written proof that he/she has been an active teacher while officially registered with An Coimisiún for a period of 5 full years since he/she achieved the TCRG examination.
(The candidate must list and describe the teaching experience (location and dates) as required on the official application documents. The candidate must provide written confirmation from a third party who is either (a) a fully registered active member of CLRG and the appropriate national and local Irish dancing organizations, who can confirm the teaching experience or (b) a member of the regional council or other CLRG affiliated organization where the teaching experience occurred/occurs. The teaching experience must have occurred within 3 years of submitting the ADCRG application. Teaching which occurred earlier than 3 years prior to submitting the application will not meet this requirement). Effective 1st January 2014

That TCRG candidates must have completed all 12 Grade Examinations to be eligible to apply for the TCRG examination, to be effective 1st January 2018.

That the current exemption from dancing at the TCRG examination, based on achieving a minimum of 71% (B-) in Grades 7 to 12 inclusive at the Grade Examinations be deleted, to be effective from 1st January 2013.

The Vanishing Lake and The Charlady will be added to the examination syllabus, effective 1st Jan 2014.

New! The dancing section at the ADCRG examination will be deleted for future ADCRG candidates, to be effective 1st January 2018.

Changes to the Examination Syllabus. The time frame in which to complete the examination, including full/partial repeats, is 7 years from the date of the first attempt. (Effective from May 2013)