St. Patrick’s Day Traditional Set for All Ireland 2019

The intent of publishing a video of the St. Patrick’s Day was to identify that the Cork (O’Keefe) version of the traditional set that would be danced at the 2019 All Ireland Championships. (Reference rule #19 in the All-Ireland syllabus).


For Example:


  • Straight leg step outs vs. cuts
  • Change over step kick hop down vs. switch legs kick hop down. Adjudicators will be briefed accordingly.

Regardless of how the video is portrayed, dancers must not commence the dance before the end of the 8 bar introduction (reference rule #4 of the All Ireland syllabus)

Please see below for the two rules referenced.

Solo Dancing Rules referenced in the All Ireland Syllabus:

  1. Competitors beginning to dance before or after the stipulated 8 bar introduction will automatically receive ZERO marks and ZERO points from all adjudicators for that round.


  1. The traditional Set Dance to be performed in Competition 13 Buachaillí 9-10 (Boys 9-10) and Competition 34 Cailíní 9-10 (Girls 9-10) is St Patrick’s Day – Traditional Cork Version. For guidance, a video can be found on the CLRG website. This universally performed version of St. Patrick’s Day will be the only version permitted. No heel clicks, banging of toe on floor or stamps may be included.


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