School Closure

The following motion was carried in relation to the closure of The Broesler school:

On the basis of the announcement made on the Broesler School website on the 11th December 2019 and the letter received by CLRG on 13 December 2019 from Ryan Broesler re the opening of a new school, the following will apply:
a) Dancers who were pupils of the Broesler School on the dates of these announcements will be free to transfer to any teacher under the existing Rules, namely 3.1.6 b).
With regard to dancers who may have transferred or withdrawn from the Broesler School prior to this date two separate Rules apply as follows.

b) Where former teachers from the Broesler School resigned from the teaching staff of that School the rules for Joint Dancing Schools will apply, namely
Rule 3.4.3 Where two or more registered teachers are teaching a joint school, and one or more of them decides to leave the class and terminate the relationship, the pupils of the school may:- (a)
Remain with any of the registered teachers previously in the joint school. In this instance, Rule 3.1.4 will not apply. (b) Move to another registered teacher. In this instance, Rule 3.1.4 will apply.
This rule is contingent on the ability of pupils to be accepted into the class of any of the former teacher/teachers. As some of the previous teachers have chosen to refuse acceptance of some of these pupils into their new classes, pupils have been unable to exercise any options under this Rule. Under these circumstances it is totally against natural justice to invoke 3.4.3 b) and therefore Rule 3.1.4 b) will not apply. Ie. Dancers will be free to transfer to any teacher without undergoing the restyling period.

c) In any cases not covered under the above in a) or b) Rule 3.17 will apply.
3.1.7 A teacher may apply to An Coimisiun for a pupil/pupils to be exempt from Rule 3.1.4 where extreme circumstances may indicate that such an exemption should be granted.

These “appeals” would take place under the old rules and not under the new transfer ruling.


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