Cornphíopa le Chéile - Hornpipe Together

The CLRG International Workgroup and the Rince Agus Ceol (Music and Dance Committee) invite all teachers and dancers worldwide to participate in Cornphíopa le Chéile - Hornpipe Together!

Please read the following document outlining the project.  Several musicians have offered the use of their music tracks for your usage at this time - please feel free to download these tracks (all at 140 bpm). As noted in the document, there is a corresponding music challenge as part of the project. Watch the CLRG social media channels for updates and example videos coming soon.

UPDATED JULY 17th - there is an FAQ section in this updated file.

Cornphíopa le Chéile - Hornpipe Together - Invitation

Cornphíopa le Chéile - LINK TO MUSIC

Practice music - 140 BPM

Thank you to the musicians who have provided us with these practice tracks!

Hornpipe 140 - Sean O'Brien

Hornpipe 140 - Shannon Quinn

Hornpipe 140 - FeisTunes

Hornpipe 140 1 - Kevin Warren

Hornpipe 140 2 - Kevin Warren

Hornpipe 140 - Anton & Sullly