World Set Dance DVD

For a limited time only, we are offering the DVDs from the set rounds at the Worlds for online ordering, to accommodate those who missed the opportunity to purchase one at the event.

From now until June 10th, TEACHERS ONLY may order on behalf of their dancers, to ensure that the DVDs are going to the rightful owners.  The e-mail of the teacher must match the e-mail used to enter the dancer on, and the mailing address must be as per the official listing on file at the office.  This information will be cross-referenced and DVDs will be mailed to teachers to distribute.  

Any orders that are not placed by the TCRG on file will be deleted.  No refunds will be offered for fraudulent orders.

The Set Dance DVD is a memento of your dancer's performance on the world stage, as captured by Visionmixer / Randomhouze productions.  The cost is €25.00 payable by credit card.

After June 10th, these products will no longer be available.

Set Dance DVD Worlds 2017. Only the teacher listed on the dancer's entry (on, on the day of the entry) may order a DVD. Orders open for a limited time until June 1st 2017. Any orders that don't match the teacher's e-mail on file will be voided - NO REFUNDS.