Ár Rince Céilí DVD

DVD Cover

Visual aid to accompany the Ár Rince Céilí booklet

Price including postage and packaging €15

Exam Pack ADCRG

ExamPackExam Pack includes all items required for studying for the ADCRG, TCRG and TMRF Examinations.

Included within are:

  • Contents:
  • Syllabus T.M.R.F.
  • Syllabus T.C.R.G.
  • Syllabus A.D.C.R.G.
  • Syllabus Oral Irish.
  • Syllabus Grade Exams.
  • Adjudications-Maths Explanation.
  • Sample Maths Papers.
  • “Ár Rincí Céilí” Book.
  • “Ár Rince Céilí” DVD
  • Sample Céilí Papers.
  • List of Set Dance Tunes.
  • C.D. Set Dance Tunes.

Price including postage and packaging €60

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