For all vetting Queries please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

When emailing vetting please state Full Name, Address, Contact telephone number and Email address. 

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ireland vetting

 Republic of Ireland Vetting Documents/ Garda Síochána 

docxNVB 1 Vetting Invitation

Vetting Delegates





 Points to remember when sending your vetting application-

  • An original NVB1 form must be completed in full, using BLOCK CAPITALS and writing must be clear and legible. The Form should be completed in ballpoint pen. Please ensure that the box is ticked in section two.
  • With current pandemic restrictions, it is possible to scan identification documents and send to the identifiers via email. 
  • Please send all Irish vetting documents directly to the IE Garda Vetting liaison person, Máire Mhic Aogáin via: 11 Chalfont Park, Malahide, Co. Dublin
  • At present, no CLRG administration fee is being charged.

 Northern Ireland Vetting / Access NI 

2020 Access NI Privacy Policy 

2020 Access NI Cover Letter

Access NI Identifiers

Points to remember when sending your Access NI vetting application-

  • With the current Covid-19 restrictions, it is possible to send your vetting documents via email. 
  • All documents should be sent to Máire Mhic Aogáin, 11 Chalfont Park, Malahide, Co Dublin A36TX67

gb vetting


You are encouraged to read the full DBS Procedural Guidelines, shown on this site, however to assist a short form of the initialising procedures is as follows:

  • To start the procedures an email must be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - The Subject Heading to be: DBS INVITATION TO APPLY FOR VETTING.  
  • Give your full forename and surname, [not abbreviated, nickname etc]  and as shown on formal personal documentation, such as your passport or driving licence for instance. If you only use a particular surname or forename in dancing circles, this will not be accepted when the full checking is carried out by the Service. 
  • Give your full email address, to be used for the application.
  • Give your full postal address and postcode.
  • Give your preferred contact telephone number
  • You will receive an email back, outlining the application process, guidelines for the Identification Verification Process, and details to afford you access onto the application system.  Please note that this access is not to CLRG, but the Umbrella Agents' online system into the Disclosure & Barring Service. 
  • If you have a query, make an error etc, send an email to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email address.
  • When submitting your DBS vetting application to the on-line system, via the link you have received from the DBS, you will now be able to pay the fee of £58 on line, as part of the application process.


DBS Identity verifiers



Asurint states:

For the IDTANA - USA, Canada & Mexico accounts:

" We will maintain focus on getting orders completed quickly and accurately. With that in mind, we are working diligently to provide updates from third parties such as courts, employers and educational institutions as soon as we receive them.
We are also actively working, in any areas where service may be affected, to provide alternative searches where available.

While our technology-based solutions will continue providing responses, we expect delays to some criminal, civil and verification searches when direct involvement of the court clerks, employers and educational institutions is required and where access may be limited "


The Vetting Officers states:

For IDTANA, the CLRG vetting people will have access to an Asurint system to be able to receive the most up-to-date information on court closures or reduced court staffing throughout the country, however this will not be publicised as it can be managed via the said vetting people, if necessary.

I would add that this situation exists in many of the countries where Irish Dancing teachers, adjudicators and other non registered members seek to apply for or re new vetting or screening.  We will do our best to facilitate these, using existing systems within the Garda National Vetting Bureau, DBS, Access NI, Disclosure Scotland and the European Countries where we have developing processes, however, as mentioned with regards to IDTANA there will be delays, which we will seek to reduce of possible, of course we do not know how long this dreadful situation will last, so please have patience. 






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