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Basic Phrases in Irish/ Frása Easca as Gaeilge 

Irish for Céilí Dances/ Gaeilge Don Rincí Céilí

Irish for Grade Exams with English / Gaeilge don Scrúdú Béil le Bearla

Uimhreacha as Gaeilge/Numbers in Irish(0-10)

Uimhreacha as Gaeilge/Numbers in Irish(100-400)

Rincí Ochtar/Eight Hand Dances

Rincí Leithleacha/Set Dances

Powerpoint with Emojis/Cur i láithir le emoji



From  1st January 2018 there is a requirement for Scrúdú Béil (Oral Irish Exam) for grades 1-4 in Ireland.

A list of the required questions can be found above. A question and answer video can be found below in each dialect. Click on the Grade number to access the videos.

Físithe don scrúdú  béil (Scrúdaithe Grád 1-4) - Videos for the oral irish test (Grade Exams 1-4)
Canúint Laighean - Leinster Dialect
Canúint Mumhan - Munster Dialect
Grád 1 Grád 1
Grád 2 Grád 2
Grád 3 Grád 3
Grád 4 Grád 4
Canúint Uladh - Ulster Dialect
Canúint Chonnacht - Connacht Dialect
Grád 1 Grád 1
Grád 2 Grád 2
Grád 3
Grád 4 Grád 4


Má tá aon ceist agat faoin Ghaeilge, téigh i dteagmháil linn!

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