Music & Dance Committee

The Music and Dance Committee - also known in Irish as Coiste Rince agus Ceoil - was set up to monitor trends in solo and team dancing, and to make recommendations to An Coimisiún on how to best regulate this fundamental aspect of our culture.

Among the tasks undertaken by the committee have been the addition of new Set Dances and the establishment of a range of Metronomic speeds for the performance of these and a whole range of other dances performed in competitions worldwide.

Most recently, the committee was instrumental in updating the official Céilí Dance Handbook, Ár Rincí Céilí, which will replace Ar Rincí Fóirne on September 1st 2015. To accompany the new handbook, the committee has produced a DVD illustrating the thirty dancers covered by Ár Rincí Céilí.

Rince agus Ceol/Music & Dance
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