Grade Exams

Grade Examinations

 This page contains information regarding the organisation of grade examinations. For any queries on how to apply, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The purpose of the grade examinations scheme is to provide a structured framework within which dancers can work towards an achievable goal and to provide a strong foundation in Irish dance. Grade examinations are unlike competitions in that each candidate is individually examined and receives a detailed written assessment of their performance and knowledge of the grade being attempted. The scheme consists of an optional preliminary grade, followed by 12 grades with each one becoming increasingly more demanding on the candidates' skill, knowledge and ability. All 12 grade examinations must be completed to be eligible to apply for the TCRG examination as of January 1st, 2018.

Application Forms and Syllabus for Grade Examinations

pdf2024 Syllabus for Grade exams from 1st May


pdf2021 Procedures and Rules for Grade Examination


pdf2021 Grade Exam 11 Application


pdf2021 Grade 12 Application


  pdfGrade Exams Application Form March 2024

Grade Exams Application Form March 2024

  pdfGrade Exam Payment Form 2022

pdfFees for Grade Exams 2024


In January 2023, it was agreed that only two applications per rolling 12-month period will be accepted from any one organiser.

To apply to hold grade exams, please send completed application no less than 8 weeks in advance of your desired date to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Late applications will not be accepted. 

 Results and Expense Accounts Sheet should be returned to An tÚdarás Scrúdaithe, the results to the teacher/ organizer within 3 weeks of the examinations. 

*Please note : Organizers may ONLY increase fees by a maximum of 25%.*

Online Grade Exams




From  1st January 2018 there is a requirement for Scrúdú Béil (Oral Irish Exam) for grades 1-4 in Ireland.

A list of the required questions can be found above. A question and answer video can be found below in each dialect. Click on the Grade number to access the videos.

Click here for the list of questions and answers for each grade.

Click here for the oral Irish for Grades 5 and 6 to be introduced to the exams after Easter 2024.

Físithe don scrúdú  béil (Scrúdaithe Grád 1-4) - Videos for the oral irish test (Grade Exams 1-4)
Canúint Laighean - Leinster Dialect
Canúint Mumhan - Munster Dialect
Grád 1 Grád 1
Grád 2 Grád 2
Grád 3 Grád 3
Grád 4 Grád 4
Canúint Uladh - Ulster Dialect
Canúint Chonnacht - Connacht Dialect
Grád 1 Grád 1
Grád 2 Grád 2
Grád 3
Grád 4 Grád 4

 Effective January 1st 2018, TCRG APPLICANTS: 

Effective January 1st 2018, all candidates must have completed Grades 1 through to 12 to be eligible to take the TCRG examination. Each candidate will be required to submit proof of having taken all twelve grades. This documentation must be submitted with the application.



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