Vetting & COVID-19 Update

Asurint states:

For the IDTANA - USA, Canada & Mexico accounts:

" We will maintain focus on getting orders completed quickly and accurately. With that in mind, we are working diligently to provide updates from third parties such as courts, employers and educational institutions as soon as we receive them.
We are also actively working, in any areas where service may be affected, to provide alternative searches where available.

While our technology-based solutions will continue providing responses, we expect delays to some criminal, civil and verification searches when direct involvement of the court clerks, employers and educational institutions is required and where access may be limited "


The Vetting Officers states:

For IDTANA, the CLRG vetting people will have access to an Asurint system to be able to receive the most up-to-date information on court closures or reduced court staffing throughout the country, however this will not be publicised as it can be managed via the said vetting people, if necessary.

I would add that this situation exists in many of the countries where Irish Dancing teachers, adjudicators and other non registered members seek to apply for or re new vetting or screening.  We will do our best to facilitate these, using existing systems within the Garda National Vetting Bureau, DBS, Access NI, Disclosure Scotland and the European Countries where we have developing processes, however, as mentioned with regards to IDTANA there will be delays, which we will seek to reduce of possible, of course we do not know how long this dreadful situation will last, so please have patience. 



Updated Temporary Amendment to Transfer Ruling

To all registered members of An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha

Due to the global outbreak of the Corona Virus, where dance schools are currently closed, teachers are asked to note the following NEWLY UPDATED TEMPORARY amendment in Note No. 3 of  the Transfer Appeal Procedure which reads:

"The first dancing lesson given by the new teacher to the transferring pupil must take place at a venue normally/regularly used for dancing classes by that teacher.......

IS BEING AMENDED to read as follows:

As there are now further restrictions on travel and gatherings the first dancing lesson given by the new teacher to the transferring pupil CAN BE given online.

Please note that a lesson given online WILL constitute an eligible first dancing class if you can provide evidence of same.

This is to come into effect immediately and will continue until such times as CLRG reverts to its original ruling.

Please make sure if you are teaching online that you have insurance cover for same.

Le dea-ghuí
Francis Curley
An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha


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