Áine Ó'Sé Memorial Feis - Postponed

The Aine O’Shea Memorial Feis and Ball, which were launched in late 2018, and originally scheduled to take place on the weekend of March 16th and 17th 2019 have now been postponed to a December date.  Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have been forced  to postpone the event yet again.  The Aine O’Shea Memorial Feis will now take place in Citywest Hotel and Conference Centre on December 14th and 15th 2019, with the Aine O'Shea Memorial Ball now taking place in the Citywest Suite on December 14th 2019.  Due to the popularity of the Ball date for Christmas parties, people who wish to make reservations at Citywest Hotel should call Reservations Department at the hotel sooner rather than later.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused by these changes.  However, we can guarantee that no further changes will be made, and we are looking forward to an amazing event.

Seamus Ó'Sé.


Rince Le Gaeilge ag Oireachtas Rince na hÉireann 2019!

Oireachtas Rince na hÉireann 2019

CLRG LOGO.jpgRince le Gaeilge White Artwork 1

Rince le Gaeilge

Following the huge interest at Oireachtas na hÉireann last year, and the massive enthusiasm from dancers worldwide, we are continuing with our ‘cúpla focal’ again this year with small extra challenges!  

No doubt, you are all up for having fun in learning/speaking Gaeilge at this premier Irish dancing event.  Spot prizes will be given.

Lots of exciting events and surprises have been planned, so be ready to enjoy.   Each day will begin with everyone singing ‘Amhrán na bhFiann’. The words to the National Anthem can be found by clicking on the following link.  

pdfAmhrán na bhFiann

The words will also be available in the programme and on screen in the INEC.

We also have our short CLRG song, which was especially good fun at the presentation of the céilí dance competitions last year. We will also sing it often during the week as well. The words to ‘Amhrán CLRG’ can be found by clicking on the following link. 

pdfAmhrán CLRG

Please make this a fun experience and encourage all dancers and parents to be aware of our plans and join in the excitement and singing that will be taking place.


For solo dancers – challenge 1

When collecting your competitor pack, try to say your competitor number as Gaeilge. Your number can be said as either the digits - ‘dó – cúig - naoi’ or ‘dhá chéad caoga naoi’.

pdfUimhreacha 1-10

pdfUimhreacha 100-400

For solo dancers – challenge 2

Say your set dance as Gaeilge - all dancers at the championships should practise saying the name of their ‘rince leithleach’ (Set Dance) and have fun with fellow dancers saying it.

pdfSet Dances As Gaeilge

For solo dancers – challenge 3

Try to add to the name of your set dance the actual speed that you want it played at by adding “ar luas……” (at speed …….). Again the speed can be said as either the digits or fully per the examples that can be downloaded from the website.

pdfUimhreacha 100-400

For team dancers - challenges

Name your céilí dance as Gaeilge and speed ‘ar luas…’ Team captain should be able to say the name, and all members too, if possible. Will your team be one of these ‘A’ teams?

Rincí Ochtar as Gaeilge

For all dancers - challenge

Get your mum, dad, relations and supporters to learn with you. The more people that try, the more fun for everyone.

For everyone – challenge 1

Visit the pop up Gaelige classes where all abilities will be catered for on a fun basis. Games and prizes will be provided.

For everyone – challenge 2

Visit the “Vendor of the Day” where easy competitions of matching word as Gaeilge to various items of merchandise will take place. Prizes will be awarded.

For everyone – challenge 3

At certain times and days of the week, if you can ask for a cup of tea or coffee as Gaeilge, you will be able to buy it at a super discounted price. Keep a look out for published times in the INEC.

‘Bualadh bos’ -boo-lah bus (big clap) agus ‘maith sibh’ mah-shive (well done)to everyone who try to use their ‘cúpla focal’ coo-pla fu-kul   (couple of Irish words).

Are you ready for the challenge?

Rince le Gaeilge White Artwork 1


St. Patrick’s Day Traditional Set for All Ireland 2019

The intent of publishing a video of the St. Patrick’s Day was to identify that the Cork (O’Keefe) version of the traditional set that would be danced at the 2019 All Ireland Championships. (Reference rule #19 in the All-Ireland syllabus).


For Example:


  • Straight leg step outs vs. cuts
  • Change over step kick hop down vs. switch legs kick hop down. Adjudicators will be briefed accordingly.

Regardless of how the video is portrayed, dancers must not commence the dance before the end of the 8 bar introduction (reference rule #4 of the All Ireland syllabus)

Please see below for the two rules referenced.

Solo Dancing Rules referenced in the All Ireland Syllabus:

  1. Competitors beginning to dance before or after the stipulated 8 bar introduction will automatically receive ZERO marks and ZERO points from all adjudicators for that round.


  1. The traditional Set Dance to be performed in Competition 13 Buachaillí 9-10 (Boys 9-10) and Competition 34 Cailíní 9-10 (Girls 9-10) is St Patrick’s Day – Traditional Cork Version. For guidance, a video can be found on the CLRG website. This universally performed version of St. Patrick’s Day will be the only version permitted. No heel clicks, banging of toe on floor or stamps may be included.